Consuming 70% of freshwater supplies, agriculture already dominates global water usage, and with the population set to increase to 9 billion by 2050 feeding the world will require agricultural production to increase by as much as 50%. To meet these challenges, the way in which water is used in agriculture will need to evolve with a focus on maximizing efficiency and reducing wastage. Whether for crops, livestock, dairies, fisheries, or downstream processing, good use of water is absolutely vital for maximizing yields while conserving and protecting precious resources.

Well-designed distribution, irrigation, washing, and drainage systems are key components in creating sustainable solutions in all types of agriculture, ensuring water reaches the places it's needed most while minimizing losses through leakage and waste. We use our global expertise from solving agricultural challenges all over the world to create the right solution for every application. With a vast range of product solutions to help customers across the agricultural sector to meet the challenges of today and create sustainable, future-proof systems for the needs of tomorrow.

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